Some Recent Testimonies

The first time I came to Healing Rooms I had mental health problems. I had been hurt by someone over the years, time and again. When I wanted to find and share a reconciliation the person concerned refused. It was never resolved. The unhelpful thoughts kept playing endlessly through my head like a newsreel and I knew I had a problem and I knew I had to forgive.

A friend brought me to the Healing Rooms where I told my story to a small group of Healing Rooms team members and they encouraged me to pray, to choose to forgive and I repented before the Lord.

Within the next two days the relentless unhelpful thoughts disappeared. I was healed by the Lord Almighty. God was real. God was - is alive. I have a personal relationship with the Lord. Hallelujah!

Healing Rooms? A beautiful place of warmth, acceptance and unconditional love. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to know the Lord better and deeper.

In the past God healed my back and knees. I have also suffered from some mental illness but after some years of prayer God has really restored my mind and I have noticed a big difference. I am still on some medication for this but only once a day now. I am more alert with a soundness of mind.

Also last year I had pancreatitis and jaundice due to gallstones, I've had problems with my digestive system for years. I didn't have an operation and have been well for the past year, with only slight symptoms.

I am trusting God to patch me up and sort me out. When the symptoms return I rebuke them and come for more prayer. I thank God and give Him the glory for all that he has done for me, my friends and family. Also for that which he will do in the future.

I would like to say thank you to Jesus for healing my face.

About mid-April 2016, I began to experience intermittent pain in my right leg. It was strange in that it kept moving - sometimes round the shin, sometimes down the thigh, sometimes round the hip and to the right hand side of my lower spine. I also noticed an odd kink in my vertebrae near the bottom of my spine.

I prayed over it and had prayer at Healing Rooms on a number of occasions and experienced temporary pain relief.

I attended the 2017 National Healing Rooms Conference at Halifax. On the Saturday, Paul Clift asked those who needed physical healing to stand and receive prayer, which I did. He called out several words of knowledge regarding ailments that God was healing. I put my hand on my back and prayed about the kink in my spine. No sooner than the words were out of my mouth, Paul called out that the Lord was healing "curvature of the spine". I said "Thank you Lord - I'll have that!" Shortly after, Paul called out that God was doing something with someone's protruding disks. I claimed that one as well.

Nothing dramatic happened but the discomfort faded away. I had no problems throughout the rest of the day and slept well over night. Some (notably less) discomfort returned on the Sunday. However, I kept thanking God for what He had done - whatever it was!

The Monday was May bank holiday and my wife and I went to Argos to collect a flat-pack desk. As I picked it up there was a loud pop and I felt a shock down both legs. My disk had gone back in.

I visit The Healing Rooms regularly, whenever I am able to. I come to ask for healing for someone in the family. I know the prayers are making a big positive difference but if there was any doubt it was removed by my own experience last week when I visited The Healing Rooms and asked for Healing for myself.
I had very bad pain in my back and neck. For the first time I asked for Healing for myself. During the prayer session, I felt warm sensation around the areas of my pain. As I stood with my eyes closed I saw a very beautiful bright light, I opened my eyes and I was completely pain free and have been since.

I first came to the Healing Rooms after seeing the sign outside church when I was relocating to Nottingham. I have visited a few times over the last year following bereavement, family trauma, emotional and chronic physical pain. Often through the songs on the CD and welcome in the main hall and then through the prayer ministers, God has always spoken lovingly but straight to the heart of the situation each time I came. The prayers have brought either a turnaround or renewed strength and peace; and more recently relief from ankle pain and fatigue. The Lord knows our need and is faithful. This healing room is a true oasis of grace.

Thank you to all involved and more importantly to the Lord for His mercy and healing power.

I had been on water tablets to take down the swelling in my feet and legs but they had to take me off of them as they might damage my kidneys. My feet and legs had swollen again and were painful so I asked for prayer at the Healing Rooms. The team prayed in faith the God would flush out the toxins and bring healing, but I left with no change at all. The next day, however, all the swelling was gone and has remained so over the past few weeks, even to be able to get my best shoes on. Praise God.

I badly hurt and bruised my right foot whilst running and after three weeks it was still very painful, bruised and had a lump on the side. After attending the Healing Rooms, by the end of the prayer session the lump had significantly reduced and the pain gone.

I have been receiving prayer for a number of weeks as I had been experiencing symptoms of fatigue and anxiety. My ability to concentrate for long was affected and I couldn't get rid of the feeling of heavy fatigue in my head despite much rest. During prayer I received deliverance from chronic fatigue. The feeling of heavy fatigue has now left and my concentration has improved. The tension in my neck and head has greatly improved and I am continuing to see release in this area through further prayer. I was also surprised to find that my taste buds were cleansed and my sense of taste intensified for a time!

I am now journeying through a healing process relating to anxiety symptoms. During prayer I experienced the weighty peace of God resting upon me and tension was released. I have also experienced God restoring and breathing life back into my heart.

I would like to thank Jesus Christ for all that He has done and I am looking forward to complete healing.

I came for prayer because of pain in my hip. I had mixed feelings about coming, but I was very surprised with the result. To be quite honest I was not expecting too much, but what a surprise I got. From the moment people started to pray for me it felt as though a weight had been lifted from me.

The pain has lessened and there has been definite improvement. Praise the Lord. I felt I had to come and I'm glad I did.

I have been receiving prayer for a number of weeks as I had been experiencing symptoms of fatigue and anxiety. My ability to concentrate for long was affected and I couldn't get rid of the feeling of heavy fatigue in my head, despite much rest.

During prayer I received freedom from chronic fatigue. The heavy fatigue has now left and my concentration has improved. The tension in my head and neck has greatly reduced and I am continuing to see release in this area through further prayer.

Since last December I have had major problems health wise due to a blood condition called ITP. At the same time as this was diagnosed I was told I had heart failure and would require surgery for this once my blood had been sorted. After 6 months treatment and limited improvement I visited the Healing Rooms and, following prayer, I felt wonderful. Since then my platelets have returned to normal, my white blood cell count has improved 10 fold and there has been a slight improvement in my red blood cell count. I am now in a situation where the heart surgeon can consider going ahead.

Last week I visited the Healing Rooms with severe burning and stiffness in my right knee. Also I was told by my G.P. that I needed a second operation on the knee to clear out debris (loose bone floating around) which was causing the rubbing, burning sensation.

A true miracle happened. The team prayed for healing with touch and prayer and I felt different when I left. A couple of days later I felt a burning in my knees, not of discomfort, but like one of the team said, balls of fire of healing.

I am happy and joyful and shout it from the rooftops that our God is awesome, majestic, powerful and merciful. I have not had any pain, stiffness, swelling or discomfort of any kind in my right knee.

I would like to thank the prayer teams at Healing Rooms; you are true ambassadors of Christ and doing the Lord's work. God bless you all.

I asked for prayer about anxiety and for strength to look after my son who has got cancer. I was stressed and was unable to concentrate or enjoy the things I used to. I could not sleep or eat and I felt sick most of the time.

When I was in the prayer room I felt this really warm glow and beam of light coming through me. It was really strong and I thought I was going to choke. I couldn't stop crying as all the stress came away from me. Now I feel stronger and able to carry on and I believe it has helped me to calm down.

I feel like I want to know Jesus for myself. I have read the 'Journey into life' booklet and have prayed the prayer of commitment to Jesus.

I came for prayer for my neck. I found it painful to turn my head which made driving difficult. I am now healed, Praise the Lord!