Vision for the future

We would like to share a vision we have for a Healing Centre in Nottingham. This would be a place where people could come to for physical or inner healing, a place where there would be prayer ministry combined with teaching, a house of worship and prayer. Alongside this we are looking to open a House of Healing where people could come and stay for a short period of time to receive God's healing touch.

This journey began about five years ago after reading a prophetic word about 'Pools of Bethesda' i.e. healing centres that would open in different cities around the world. These centres would be places of 'outpouring and grace'. There would also be 'Houses of Healing'. In 2008 on visits to Israel and the USA it seemed to us that these words were confirmed.

The original prophetic word went on to speak of different cities that will be known for the ministry of healing. When the person who was receiving the word asked God, "What cities are they?" they felt that the Lord said, "What cities want to be. I am checking the levels of worship, intercession and prayer. Their hunger will be the deciding factor. Every city has equal opportunity." A couple of months ago we sensed God say to us, "Write down what you want." We believe that God may be asking the same question of His people in this city, "What do you want?"

There are therefore several needs that we would like to share with you and there are also opportunities to get involved should you wish to.

We would be only too pleased to try to answer any questions you have or explain things in more detail.

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